• Depending on the robot type, absolute positioning accuracy at the TCP ranges around twice the "multidirectional repetitive accuracy" which is measured at the same TCP. As far as known, these are current top accuracies. Maximum accuracy is reached also under varying loads.

  • iSiOS compensates position- and orientation errors. The user can adjust preferences between position accuracy and orientation accuracy freely and can determine an optimum balance for his application.

  • Dimensions, weight, protection classification:
    laser to be mounted on the robot: length 45 mm, diameter 11 mm, weight 9 - 32 grams depending on protection, Laser safety classification 2 according to IEC 60825-1.
    stationary sensor dimensions: HxWxD in mm: 64 x 60 x 50 to 78 x 75 x 64, weight 390 to 960 grams depending on version.

  • All components are highly robust (protection classification up to IP 67) and withstand pressure above 180 kg.

  • iSiOS calibrates robots with all combinations of rotational and prismatic (linear) axes - from extremely large scale gantry robots to SCARAs.

  • All sensor surfaces consist of metal or highly robust material without any lenses or sensitive optical equipment, etc. Extra dirt-repellent protection is available for spray-painting applications, etc.

  • The system works under rough environment conditions and guarantees safe function under adverse visibility conditions or in case of obstructed, narrow workspaces. iSiOS is used amongst others for the on-site recalibration of clean-room robots without removing or displacing the robot.

  • Due to its novel concept, measurements of large distances or of very long prismatic joints or rails resp. of lengths up to 100 m (as used in shipyards e.g.) yield a constant, high absolute positioning accuracy of the robot.

  • Safe collision avoidance in automatic mode results from direct import of obstacle specifications from the robot simulation system or the CAD-CAM-System resp.

  • Careful, sound development, solid mathematical  foundation as well as a focus on smooth handling in rough enivronments and ease of use guarantee operational success

  • The pricing of the new technology is oriented towards efficient use in all accuracy-critical workcells of automated production lines.

iSiOS is available for the relevant robot brands and is adopted continuously to new types and versions of robot control units.

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